Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again, Is it really a sign of age, when you start looking back wondering where has the time gone, it barely seems five minutes since last year wishing everyone a merry christmas and now here we are again.

After my last post I was nominated by the lovely Linz for a I love your blog award. Thank you so much for this Linz, I love reading your blog too.

Part of the award is that you can nominate four people, now I do read lots of blogs and love them all and seeing what people are making and love to read the chit chat of people's everyday life. So I have decided to nominate the four people who's blogs I have read from the beginning, way before I had a blog myself but because of them inspired me to have one of my own :)

The four people are Roxyknits, Knitternatter, Tartycrafty and My Fashionable life

I have alway loved your blogs and look forward to reading your news.

Not much knitting to show as everything I have made has been put on Ravelry, so really don't want to put the same pictures up that most of you have seen anyway.

One of my next year's resoloutions is to have a bit of a de-clutter and de-stash so next year I am going to make it my best effort not to buy any more yarn but use what I already have. I am seriously running out of space to keep it all and literally everywhere you look, every tiny space, in evey cubby hole has a skein of yarn in it. I am sure any knitter would be delighted to come round and have a treasure hunt, ha-ha. Part of my de-clutter is also I have moved my blog to I am hoping to use this to be more organized and be able to talk about my knitting projects more in depth rather than ramble on like I tend to on this blog. Hope you will follow the link and join me over there.

That's all from me on this Christmas Eve, Hope you all enjoy the break and the festive spirits and have a Super Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous 2009

Monday, 22 September 2008


Just looking at when I last posted here, way back in June, for some reason has given me a rather guilty feeling of neglect, trying to think back of what I have been up to the recent months seems difficult, almost like I have just woken up from a long deep sleep, vague memories of a couple of rather wet camping trips do spring to mind though and that is all. Maybe it just that the summer has passed away to quickly to the point of non-existence.

However I do have some knitting to show, so perhaps rather than the sleep-walking, I have been doing small doses of knit-walking, ha-ha.

Firstly I finally managed to finish the Solstice Slip Socks

I am pleased with the pattern and the yarn, although I now wish I had made them smaller, I followed the instructions for the medium size and they are a little too large for me, but despite that they do make excellent house socks and are lovely and warm.

Enchant has been pushed to one side temporarily, the long and winding edging is really taking it's toll and is just almost too painful to knit, boring endless and endless rows of a kinda garter stitch rib. Also when pressing the main body piece, I am afraid to say I was rather heavy handed with the iron and have been left with a slight limp piece of fabric, however I will persevere with it, as I do still really like the pattern. One particular thing I like about knitting, is that you are always learning something new and sometimes I feel mistakes happen for a reason, however much it hurts, you will not make the same mistake twice.

A month ago I started a new project Fern from Rowan Magazine No 24. I am using Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool, which is a lovely smooth yarn to knit with. The pattern has been rather enjoyable to make with easy to follow instructions and for my standards has been quite a quick project.

I have now completed all the pieces and just got the last part of neck band to finish. I know if I really put my mind to it, I could probably have this finished at the weekend. I have been following the Finishing Techniques book by Sharon Brant to help me with the finishing and for the first time I am going to sew the sides and sleeve seams first, then attempt to fit and stitch the sleeve head inside. Fingers crossed it'll work.

I'll try and not leave it so long till the next post and will hopefully have some pictures of a Finished Fern to show soon.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Pretty Prize

Last month I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous prize from the fabulous Queen of the Froggers

The prize contained some really gorgeous skeins of hand-carded mix of Alpaca, Merino wool, Mohair and Tencel, that Lin had spun, the skeins are so pretty and soft my photos do not really give the yarn the justice they deserve

I'm looking forward to making something with this and thought maybe a neck scarf would be rather nice, (helps to cover a wrinkly neck too, lol)

Lin's parcel also contained a lovely wooden drop spindle, I have never spun yarn before, I have seen it done at craft shows and I am rather intrigued by the process, so I have a couple of books on order to hopefully point me in the right direction so I can give it a try. Lin also very kindly sent me some of her unspun yarn for me to have a go with
Thank you so much for the goodies Lin, they really are lush. and if you don't already read her blog, do head over there now to Queen of the Froggers, and I just know you will love her blog, as much as I do.

On my knitting news I have now finished the main body part of Enchant, and it is already to be pressed and I have started the rather lengthy process of the edging, I also have very nearly finished the Solstice Slip socks, so hopefully next post I shall have at least one F.O to show.

Talking of STR, the third kit has now arrived, The yarn is simply gorgeous and the pattern is one that I am looking forward to making too. I have hidden the picture behind the link, as I am not sure if everyone who is expecting the kit, has received theirs yet

Well I am off now to get on with some knitting, DB is out, doing work on the motorbike, so I have a peaceful afternoon with my knitting to look forward to, Ahhh Bliss :)

Saturday, 3 May 2008


Over the last few weeks I seemed to have lost a chunk of the knitting bug, which is the reason for this poor neglected blog. Not lost completely, so I am not over worried and I'm not about to do anything silly like put the stash on ebay or anything, Just kinda lost in the fact that I can settle into any particular pattern, If over the last week I had completed everything that I have started I would be able to have a post full of about fifteen to twenty items, but alas this is not the case. Part of the problem is probably down to too much choice of patterns and also because I ideally would like to knit something from stash rather than buying new. Don't get me wrong I love my stash of yarn and each item at the time was bought with much love and desire for what item it would eventually turn into. Just seems to be the way at the moment, that what I have in stash is either the wrong colour, wrong texture or not enough in quantity for what I want to make and then of course there is always the niggling thought that what if in the middle of making something, something better comes along which would have been more ideal for the yarn I am using. Hey ho!!! I can always go out and buy some more, but like most people at the moment, money is a bit tight, but as we don't go out much and neither of us smoke, the odd treat of some yarn is not likely to break the bank, which brings me onto my next excuse for reluctance to use stash. Surely stash is there for when times are really hard, so what if with the world current financial mess, all yarn mills have to close down and no more yarn is produced, not likely of course but a worry all the same as everyone else will have their stashes to fall back on, but I would have used mine. Oh gosh I am such a born worrier, So sorry for sounding like a rambling, whittling old so and so.

All is well this week though, and good news is that I have the knitting bug back, thanks very much to the arrival of this gorgeous new pattern book Nectar by Kim Hargreaves. A super book with quite a few patterns that I would like to make and incidentally I can make about three of them, using stashed yarn. lol. The yarns for the patterns are also available in kit form on Kim Hargreaves Website, although the kits contain yarn and buttons only, you need to buy the book for the patterns, In my opinion the book is well worth buying and will look fabulous on any knitters book shelf. The patterns look prettier in the book than they do on the website and the pages are matt, which gives the book a really calm summer tranquil feel and the patterns are classic Kim Hargreaves style, which I think a lot of die-hard Rowan fans have been missing.

My book arrived yesterday and after work, I settled down on the sofa and swatched for one of my favourite designs Enchant in the lovely Rowan Calmer yarn, and good news for once my gauge was spot on.

This shrug is knitted across from cuff to cuff and the edgings are knitted separately and then sewn on afterwards. I am using shade 463 Calmer, which is a kind of pale blue and perfect for the summer months, if we get them that is.

The other knitting I have been working on quite successfully is the Solstice Slip socks which was the third STR kit from last year, A lovely slip stitch cable pattern in the lovely summery colour of Firebirds, a kinda bright mixture of Reds, Pink and Orange. I am doing this toe-up as I wanted to get as much out of the yarn as I possibly could, which is great, except the cuff seemed to go on for ages. I have finished one sock and now about a third way on the second.

The pattern is an easy to memorise slip stitch cable which compliments the yarns colours perfectly.


The yarn and pattern for anyone who is a non member and would like to make will be available to purchase from Blue Moon Fibers, I think around about July, but will be available separately to purchase as pattern and yarn and not in kit form.

Well that's all from me and I shall post again soon with a update on Enchant.

Have a nice Bank Holiday weekend, lets hope its an Enchanted one

Monday, 24 March 2008


Despite the length between blog posts, I have been doing some knitting, and have here a couple of quick projects I'd like to share with you. The first being a pair of ankle socks, of which the first sock was knitted towards the end of last year

This was just using the basic pattern, that you usually get free when buying any sock yarn from such places as Get knitted or various other online shops. I made these with a shorter cuff into a kind of Ankle/Trainer sock with a slip stitch heel. The yarn used was Lana Grossa Magico, and I really love the pretty pink stripes and they really are a pleasure to knit and wear.

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays, but crikey hasn't the weather turned cold, I was out yesterday taking Tess for a walk by the river and the wind was really icy, so much so that when I got home I made a spur of the moment decision to make a quick hat. I had a ball of Rowan's Ribbon Twist in Rascal left over from making Beth, so I casted on the Alpha Hat yesterday afternoon and had a very idyllic afternoon knitting by the fire. and just under four hours later I'd made this

The hat has a fairly snug fit, but is lovely and warm and I just love the cute ear flaps. The pattern is from The Ribbon Twist Collection from Kim Hargreaves, also for anyone who may interested as the yarn is now discontinued there is a sale on at Cucumberpatch, priced at just £1.95 a ball, I am afraid I went a bit mad the other day and bought three lots of ten balls in the shades Mole, Regency and Rapid. I was persuaded by DB who said that it was a bargain not to be missed, not that I took much persuading though and it's not often your bloke talks you into buying more yarn is it.

I would also like to thank The Cabled Climber for the "You make my Day" award.

First time I have ever won a knitting award and I really am as pleased as punch, so thank you Christine, you really make my day too.
I would also like to give this award to Roxy.

Roxy's blog was the first knitting blog I read and have been truly inspired by all the lovely knitted and craft items that she makes. Not only that, she has really helped me with my knitting, with lots of super advice, tips, links and ideas. So thank you Roxy, you really make my day.

I have a few other knitting WIPs on the go at the moment of which I will share with you in the next post when I have a bit more completed and hopefully a bit more daylight to be able to take some better photos. Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, 23 February 2008


For my first F.O of 2008, Here's the completed pair of socks that I have making for DB over the last couple of months.

Yarn: Trekking XXL by Zitron

Needles 2.5mm DPN

I did enjoy making these as the pattern is easy to remember, ideally I would have made the cuff a little longer, but after reading on ravelry that others had run out of yarn, I only did them for six inches instead of eight, but then the annoying thing was I was left with 18 grams of yarn, so could have probably could have done another inch in the end, but still better to have too much than not enough. The pattern comes in four sizes, I made the Man's large size and they fit well and easy to put on and take off, so DB is really happy, so much so, he has asked for another pair, eh some people are never satisfied are they? lol!

The heel is eye of the partridge and is the first time I have ever done this, I really like the effect this stitch makes, Sorry the photo doesn't show it very well, but you know how difficult dark yarn can be to photograph at times

Talking of F'Os last post I mentioned that I'd finally finished Beth, The good news, after a final wash and a light press, she actually fitted better and is now not quite so snug, so I have been able to wear her a few times, especially during the cold spell of weather we had last weekend, Here's a couple of pictures of me wearing her, as I find it is always better to see them being worn.

Here's a picture of the back view, I am not really pointing at anything of any interest, it was DB's idea of being a super photographer, either that or he's trying to make me look silly lol!

I am rather pleased how she turned out in the end and it was rather nice last weekend to be able to go out in the sunshine without having to wear a coat.

My weight loss goal is going well, slow and steady but I have lost 10lbs since I started, which I am really pleased about and more so the fact that my clothes are starting to feel looser too.

That all my news really, I have started one or two projects but frogged them, as I wasn't pleased with how they were turning out, although I don't feel like I've lost the knitting bug entirely, just can't settle with anything in particular, too many choices I think. but one thing I have learnt over the last few weeks, my knitting gauge is way too tight, no wonder everything coming out too small, On most yarns I've now found I need to go up a needle size, Is it true though that it doesn't matter what size needle you use providing you get the right gauge? I have read that somewhere, but I'm not sure if it would alter the drape of the yarn in any way. Any reassurances on this would be greatly appreciated?

See you next time :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008


Well it is very nearly the end of January and I have noticed that it is over a month ago since I lasted posted. I am not sure how that has happened, but I suppose when you can't remember what you have actually done since Christmas, simply means nothing of interest to one self, let alone to anyone who may be reading.

Like most people January is my least favourite month of the year, probably due to the post Christmas slump and as it always seems to be a case of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and with the weather we have been experiencing lately even the hours at work have been in the dimmest of light.

Talking of Christmas though, I hope you all had a fantastic time and a "Happy New Year "to you, a bit belated, but typical of me "better late than never" I did receive some wonderful Christmas goodies My favourite present being as set of Harmony Option Interchangeable Needles and a complete set of Harmony Option DPNs. I also received some lovely Twilleys Freedom Spirit yarn of which I will talk more about in a future post, when I have a bit more knitted to show. I also received yet more sock yarn, some of which is photographed here

On the left is Nino Merino, a 4ply sock yarn in the shade Rainbow, which was purchased from The Natural Dye Studio. The one on the right is a skein of Fiberspates Sock Yarn, Blue Faced Leicester wool in the shade Spring Greens. I have seen some of this on other people blogs and just had to have some. It came with a free blue faced pattern too and was purchased from Get Knitted

I also received these fabulous books. Both of the One Skein Wonders and 101 Designer One Skein Wonder books have numerous quick patterns that I would like to make one day. I am rather impressed with the Finishing Techniques by Sharon Brant, the pictures and tutorials are clearly photographed and written. One thing by reading this book that has finally sunk into my head is the real importance of taking proper measurements prior to starting something, which I am sure is where I have been going wrong as it is not necessarily the case of where you knit a certain size for the chest measurement, you will need the same size for the length too. In my case I need to knit medium/large for chest measurement but probably a small or even xsmall for the length. Not really a body proportion size I like the idea of, but one of which is important to enable something to fit properly and be wearable. The book explains how with your knitted gauge measurement you can calculate how to add or deduct inches in the width and in the length and still keep the garments shape in proportion. My other option of course is although I can't really do much about my height, I can certainly do with losing some weight to reduce my chest measurement to be more equal. Just before Christmas I reached an all time high with my weight and do desperately need to do something, so I have embarked on another healthy eating and exercise plan, as thoughts of last years disastrous resolution comes flooding back. but this time I am determined to succeed both for vanity and health reasons and so far I have lost 8lbs woowoo!! Anyway I am digressing, the book Finishing Techniques is one I would recommend to anyone who like me needs help in that area and doesn't want to fill with dread when its time for the so important finishing and trying on of a garment for the final time. Which I think is why I have been dragging my heels over finishing the Sublime Cardi as I am sure it is going to be too small width ways and too long in the length. The book also has six basic patterns to make all using Rowan yarns, I already have a Summer Tweed lined Jacket, A zipped Cardigan in All Seasons Cotton, and a pullover with lace edging in Calmer added to my to do list and all of this is in this book. Super!

Other knitting news I am pleased to say is I have finally finished Beth, I really like her a lot, although she has turned out to be rather snug and long too. I will try and get DB to take a picture of me wearing her for next post and you'll see what I mean. But overall I am pleased and she is lovely to wear on these chilly days.

Well that's all from me until next time and I shall try not to leave it so long between posts.

P.S Sorry didn't think I posted the link for the Harmony Option needles directly to the Knitpicks website, who don't currently ship to the U.K for some reason, mine were purchased from Get Knitted, Bristol for anyone reading in the U.K who would like to purchase some.