Sunday, 16 September 2007

Mid September already!

Crikey, where has this year gone, I can't believe it is three weeks since I last posted and unfortunately have very little knitting to show. Work has been busy again, and with the glorious weather we've been having lately it has almost been too warm to get the needles clicking.... I know, excuses excuses, I really do need to get my act together and get something finished to wear, this weather is bound to change over the next few weeks and then I shall be complaining about having no woollies to wear and since I have taken up knitting again, I seem to get a dreadful guilty feeling about buying them ready made, as they are just not the same are they?

All is not been too bad though, as I have finished one of the Tidal Wave socks I was making from the STR Silkie Yarn, I am really pleased with the result, the sock itself has a lovely snug fit, and is just so silky and soft. I love it so much I can't wait to get it's mate finished so I can wear them :)

I actually finished this, whilst at the hospital on Thursday waiting for the dermatologist appointment. I guessed I'd be waiting for a long time, so I took this with me, as I really did not fancy one of those celebrity magazines available to buy in the Hospital Newsagent showing J-Lo's armpits or "How to have the figure of the latest WAG by simply drinking a glass of lemon juice and eating a quarter of an apple every four hours" Urgh!!! Everything went well with the consultant, who after a bit of poking and pulling diagnosed the blemish to be something called a Venous Lake, apparently completely harmless and is caused by damage from the sun which causes the blood vessels to dilate.
Unfortunately, there is very little they can do to remove it at this stage, as one option would require several laser treatments over a period of time and to surgically remove it would quite likely leave a huge scar looking even worse, than it is now, as it is not giving me any problems at the moment, and is still fairly small it would be best to wait and see if it changes, or starts to get irritated, then I would need to go back and start the laser treatment. I left the hospital, armed with leaflets on how to prevent further sun damage, and what signs to look out for, something I must admit I have been fairly stupidly ignorant off up until now. So I was told this was a warning and I will alter my ways in the future. When I got home I did look Venous Lake up on the Internet and felt rather shocked to read that it usually only occurs in the elderly :( So now I'm making sure I slap on plenty of suncream before I go out in the sun.

Last post I mention further purchases I had made and was waiting to arrive, one of which is a fabulous Kim Hargreaves kit Harmony in her Out of the Shadows collection

I first saw this on Queen of the Froggers blog, I loved it so much that I just had to order one, the yarn used for this kit is Rowan Summer Tweed and the colour I chose for this is Puff, This is one of the shades in the sale and I just love grabbin a bargain. There are still some left I believe so if you are interested, head over there

The kit is super and contains everything you need apart from needles. I am planning to start this early next year, ready for the spring. nothing like planning ahead and I really would like to be one of those people who manage to organise their knitting, so they always have the right thing knitted ready for the right season. although lately with our weather I'm not sure whether seasons actually exist anymore.

Talking of bargains, I managed to win Ten balls of Ribbon Twist on ebay for £17.00 ;) that just works out at £1.70 per ball, big difference to the price I paid in Yarn a few weeks ago, this shade is 119, which is called Rascal, a lovely cream colour with pink and blue ribbon, I've not decided what to make with this yet, but there are plenty of patterns I like in The Ribbon Twist Collection, so I shouldn't have too much trouble deciding...

The fourth kit of STR has arrived also, This is actually my least favourite out of all of them so far, the pattern is called Summer of Love and is like a lacy ankle sock to be worn with sandals, unfortunately although the pattern is very pretty, this is not me at all, as I prefer sandals definitely without socks. I will however use the yarn for something else, it is not a colourway I would have chosen, but I do kinda like it as it is quite bright with a good mixture of colours including magenta and turquoise.

But as I still have not even finished the second kit yet, and I have plenty of other things to keep me busy in the meantime , I am not in too much of a rush to decide what to make;) So I'll see you next time with a hopeful progress report on the Sublime Lacy cardigan. Have a good week :)