Sunday, 27 January 2008


Well it is very nearly the end of January and I have noticed that it is over a month ago since I lasted posted. I am not sure how that has happened, but I suppose when you can't remember what you have actually done since Christmas, simply means nothing of interest to one self, let alone to anyone who may be reading.

Like most people January is my least favourite month of the year, probably due to the post Christmas slump and as it always seems to be a case of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and with the weather we have been experiencing lately even the hours at work have been in the dimmest of light.

Talking of Christmas though, I hope you all had a fantastic time and a "Happy New Year "to you, a bit belated, but typical of me "better late than never" I did receive some wonderful Christmas goodies My favourite present being as set of Harmony Option Interchangeable Needles and a complete set of Harmony Option DPNs. I also received some lovely Twilleys Freedom Spirit yarn of which I will talk more about in a future post, when I have a bit more knitted to show. I also received yet more sock yarn, some of which is photographed here

On the left is Nino Merino, a 4ply sock yarn in the shade Rainbow, which was purchased from The Natural Dye Studio. The one on the right is a skein of Fiberspates Sock Yarn, Blue Faced Leicester wool in the shade Spring Greens. I have seen some of this on other people blogs and just had to have some. It came with a free blue faced pattern too and was purchased from Get Knitted

I also received these fabulous books. Both of the One Skein Wonders and 101 Designer One Skein Wonder books have numerous quick patterns that I would like to make one day. I am rather impressed with the Finishing Techniques by Sharon Brant, the pictures and tutorials are clearly photographed and written. One thing by reading this book that has finally sunk into my head is the real importance of taking proper measurements prior to starting something, which I am sure is where I have been going wrong as it is not necessarily the case of where you knit a certain size for the chest measurement, you will need the same size for the length too. In my case I need to knit medium/large for chest measurement but probably a small or even xsmall for the length. Not really a body proportion size I like the idea of, but one of which is important to enable something to fit properly and be wearable. The book explains how with your knitted gauge measurement you can calculate how to add or deduct inches in the width and in the length and still keep the garments shape in proportion. My other option of course is although I can't really do much about my height, I can certainly do with losing some weight to reduce my chest measurement to be more equal. Just before Christmas I reached an all time high with my weight and do desperately need to do something, so I have embarked on another healthy eating and exercise plan, as thoughts of last years disastrous resolution comes flooding back. but this time I am determined to succeed both for vanity and health reasons and so far I have lost 8lbs woowoo!! Anyway I am digressing, the book Finishing Techniques is one I would recommend to anyone who like me needs help in that area and doesn't want to fill with dread when its time for the so important finishing and trying on of a garment for the final time. Which I think is why I have been dragging my heels over finishing the Sublime Cardi as I am sure it is going to be too small width ways and too long in the length. The book also has six basic patterns to make all using Rowan yarns, I already have a Summer Tweed lined Jacket, A zipped Cardigan in All Seasons Cotton, and a pullover with lace edging in Calmer added to my to do list and all of this is in this book. Super!

Other knitting news I am pleased to say is I have finally finished Beth, I really like her a lot, although she has turned out to be rather snug and long too. I will try and get DB to take a picture of me wearing her for next post and you'll see what I mean. But overall I am pleased and she is lovely to wear on these chilly days.

Well that's all from me until next time and I shall try not to leave it so long between posts.

P.S Sorry didn't think I posted the link for the Harmony Option needles directly to the Knitpicks website, who don't currently ship to the U.K for some reason, mine were purchased from Get Knitted, Bristol for anyone reading in the U.K who would like to purchase some.


Queen of the froggers said...

Happy new year to you! Beth looks lovely and cosy! I am with you on the healthy living, have been out on the bicycle this AM to try and work off some of the huge chinese I ate last night!! The yarns look lovely so will watch for what you knit.

Sarah said...

Nice to hear from you and see some lovely new yarns and a great knit.

Love the look of those Harmony DPNs.

Congratulations on your diet success :o)

blog-blethers said...

What lovely gifts! Bet your itching to cast on some new projects from them:)

Your jumper looks so cosy!

Madge said...

Happy New Year! etc. etc. Glad you're surviving the January blahs, and congrats on beginning the year with a cuddly FO AND weight loss! Great start...good luck keeping it up.

Mm, that Fiberspates BFL is p-r-e-t-t-y.

belaybunny said...

happy new year to you too. you got some gorgeous gifts there - I'm especially covering the needles ;)

Beth looks great as well, especially great for the wonderful weather we're all having in the UK!!

RoxyKnits said...

Oh what a lot of lovely stuff you got! The sock yarn is especially lovely.

The book by Sharon Bryant is on my amazon wish list. Think it will a great addition to the one by Jane Crowfoot. I often amend the length of a garment to suit me. As long as its not a raglan its usually quite easy as often you knit to xx length anyway.

Beth looks gorgeous and is just perfect for this cold weather ;)

Congrats on losing 8lbs already! Feel free to pass them on to me!