Sunday, 25 February 2007


Well, over the last fortnight, I have had yet, more goodies arrive. I not sure what part I like about knitting the best, the arrival of nice knitterly things, or the actual knitting itself ;-)

The first to arrive were these, three balls of black yarn, which hopefully shall become DB socks, yes, these still haven't been started and are still in the pending pile, must get cracking on with these, as I may start to feel guilty when the first STR package arrives, which should hopefully be over the next fortnight, but then again STR over lengthy DB black socks, What would you choose to make first? ;-)

The other two items are the new Debbie Bliss books, Out of Town and Pure Cotton book, both of which do have a few patterns that I would like to make, The Pure cotton book, if you turn it over has another section of patterns using the new yarn Stella, so it is almost two books in one.

This pattern has really caught my eye, ALEXA in Debbie Bliss Stella, just ideal for the summer.

The other pattern at the back of the first photograph is the Cropped Cardigan from the Blue Sky Alpacas, I also ordered the yarn for this from Get Knitted, The yarn should hopefully arrive any day now, as they did not have enough in stock and needed to re-order.

Also when ordering I just couldn't resist this, isn't this so cute ;-)

It's the keyring sweater from Lantern Moon

Also to arrive was a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Bright Charcoal, I have not bothered to photograph this, as I was a bit disappointed, think I may have the same problem as Roxy mentioned on her blog, as I think the bright bits have definitely been missed on my skein, one of the problems with hand painted yarn, so this has been added to the never ending sock yarn stash pile.

This arrived too, after seeing Queen Frogger's copy, I just couldn't resist, so I ordered a copy from Amazon a week last Thursday and was really surprised that it landed on my doorstep yesterday (Saturday), especially as they had said expected arrival time to be April. There are a quite few things that I would like to make and I am really pleased with the book.

I bet after seeing these purchases, you are all thinking yeah, yeah, but when are we going to see some knitting actually been done, after all isn't this what this blog was supposed to be about. Well I have been knitting honest!!! Not as much as I like, as mundane things such as work, housework and paperwork have been getting in the way and the NOT mundane things such as Internet Shopping and reading other people's blogs.;-) I have very nearly finished the cropped cardigan, just one sleeve to go and the sewing up and knitted band etc... and I have completed
the first G-Rock STR Sock, and the second is also well on it's way, so hopefully shall have at least one FO for you next time.

I took the photograph on a white paper background, in hope that you can see the many colours better.

I did have a laugh though, the middle of last week, as the pattern from the Pattern a Day calender was this, for Valentine's Day. "A Valentine Thong"

Even DB couldn't stop laughing, until I told him, that I was going to make him one, instead of socks, his face soon changed and the language to follow, I couldn't possibly repeat on here, "now what yarn would be the best to use" ;-) I do apologise to the person who's design it is or to anyone who has made or considering making this, but for me personally, as much as I like wearing knitted items, knitted pants of any kind is definitely a no-no. So I shall leave you with that chuckle! but seriously if anyone should like the pattern, please let me know and I shall happily pop it in the post, and I promise I won't laugh. (too much....)

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Look What's Arrived

Don't you just think that the best sound ever is the knock knock on the door from the postman, especially when you are expecting knitting goodies, I have certainly kept our postman busy over the last week, the first to arrive was this:

Two skeins of Socks That Rock, in shades January one and G Rocks, Blimey I was not at all disappointed with these, The colours and texture are amazing, as I know I don't need to tell most of you, that has already purchased some. I just literally couldn't wait to get home from work and start sock making, just what you want to get through a Monday

This is the shade G Rocks and the colours are more amazing when knitted than in the skein, it certainly become a favourite sock yarn. Also I arrived home to find the new Rowan magazine was on the doormat. I had actually had a sneaky peep at this in John Lewis's on Saturday, amazing last Saturday the sun was shinning and the weather was warm and just perfect for looking at all those summer patterns and new yarns. For me, there is a lot of good stuff in the issue and immediately the pattern Caister caught my eye

and it wasn't long before I found myself choosing and selecting the 4ply cotton ;-) I decided, to opt for the same colour scheme as in the pattern, a bit unadventurous I know, but decided it was best to play safe, I am hoping this will turn out OK as I really have fallen for it, but in the past I know I have problems with 4ply cotton and getting an even tension. but I going to see this has a bit of a challenge and take my time and try to do my best. I can't wait til spring . I also purchased the new summer tweed book, The Kasbah collection, this has a wonderful selection of patterns for summer tops and there are also new shades of Summer Tweed. I can't tell you how excited I am.

But then after all this looking at summer patterns and new summer yarns, what happens in the middle of the week, we get snow!!! Yes scraping ice from the car windscreen and watching big flakes of snow fall, soon brings you back down to earth and makes the summer seem far away. Never mind I really should be sticking to the New Year Resolution and actually have F.O's before starting new one's. I have finished though the front of Chamomile and also have finished the back on the cropped cardigan, this now, I have the amendments to follow has actually become a fast knit and an enjoyable one.
Talking of New Year Resolutions, the healthy eating plan is going quite well and I have started a new plan called the Human Inferno system, basically the idea with this, you start the day with a fairly big meal and then gradually the meals get smaller throughout the day, being your last meal, the smallest at around seven. pm. and the trick is that you don't eat anything after 8pm, it's quite difficult at first to adjust, what with work and everything, but I have tried and over the last fortnight have actually lost four pounds, but without feeling hungry or without sugar cravings, the knitting of course has helped, as by knitting mainly in the evenings it has kept my mind occupied. I Ideally would like to lose another half a stone, and be around 8.5 stone, as this is what I feel most comfortable at.
Back to the knitting purchases I also bought from Angel Yarns a Regia Sock kit in the shade Bonbon

Tess would like to say Hi, and also she would like to tell you it's her birthday today

Yup my little terror is four years old and is being spoilt rotten with doggy treats!