Monday, 24 December 2007


Would just like to wish You all a very Happy Christmas, I hope Santa brings you all lots of nice things. However you spend the 25th, have a lovely restful day with the people and animals you love. Eat and drink well and have a fantastic time! See you soon xxx

Saturday, 15 December 2007


I am rather slacking in the blogging world, I can't believe its over a month since I last posted, where on earth does time go... I have been rather busy at work, trying to get everything finished for the year end, as I do so hate leaving the tedious reports and things til after the Christmas break, as I spend most of the holiday, thinking about the workload I have got to go back to. So I am buckling down and trying it get it all done, I actually finish work next Friday, then don't go back til Wed 2 Jan, so a nice long break where I am hoping to get plenty of knitting done, especially the wip's, so I can start new stuff in the new year, that's the plan anyway.

Last post I mentioned the saga of the Malabrigo of which I am pleased to say has finally arrived, I was rather beginning to think though, it was not going to happen, twice it was sent back to the store where I purchased it from, each time saying either no one to receive or refused, each time I confirmed the address as being correct, when finally on the third attempt the kind postman finally brought it... Arrr relieve... and all to be revealed why it had taken so long, the yarn store had only kept labelling the address for a hundred houses away, yep I know clearly written on the package number --, instead of --- and also inside the bag when I opened it, the yarn store had the cheek to send back the previous packaging bags each with the wrong address written on, even despite me e-mailing and phoning to clarify the address, and them getting quite stroppy with the situation. I don't want to harp on about it, because its hardly world ending stuff and at least it is now sorted, but really that kind of incompetence annoys me so much, as even when I e-mailed them to explain, they never bothered to reply. Obviously a case of third time lucky for me, as by this time our usual postman was back from his holiday and when he went to deliver the parcel at --, and they refused again, he recognised the name and guessed where it belonged too, now the worrying thought is if the postman can link you to a yarn package, does that mean you have been spending too much on yarn. lol!

Here is the picture of the Malabrigo, I apologise for the rubbish photograph, the yarn is actually a little lighter than shown, The shade is Tuareg, a kind of dark turquoise, the yarn is lovely and so soft, believe me it has been caressed a few times. I have in mind, to make a hooded pullover with this, if I can get the gauge right.

Knitting wise, I have finished my Regia Trainer socks, I really like the colours of these, as they look so pretty together

I actually enjoyed making these so much, that I have cast on another pair, the good thing with these are they are easy to make and you can easily make a pair with a 50g ball and as I wear trainers a lot, I rather like the idea of having lots of pairs in different colours. Last Saturday I needed to take the car into the garage, to have some springy thingy fixed on the exhaust, don't ask me, as you can guess I'm not mechanically minded at all. I had booked the car into one of those Formula one Auto Centres and knowing as it was Saturday, I would probably be in for a long wait, I wanted to take some small simple knitting with me, and just as I was deciding what to take, the postman brought one of my eBay purchases, some of the lovely Lana Grossa Magico, thank you Roxy for posting so quickly, absolutely perfect for another pair of trainer socks and the ideal project to start whilst waiting. So off I went, and although they were busy, I was the only one in the customers waiting room, as I assume as it is on a big retail park the others were using the opportunity to go shopping, so I got myself a hot drink from the machine and plonked myself by the window and you know had the most tranquil time, sitting knitting and watching all the Christmas shoppers scurrying in and out of the rain to their cars with bags of shopping, I enjoyed myself so much, I was rather disappointed when the mechanic said my car was ready to be driven away. So if you ever want to steal the perfect excuse for some knitting time, book your car in for a long service, you'll enjoy it. lol!

Here's the progress I made with the Lana Grossa Magico sock

That's all my knitting news really, I have completed one sleeve on Beth, just one more to go, so hopefully will be able to finish her this week, especially now its starting to get rather chilly.

I hope you all managing to get all your Christmas preparations in order, it seems to get more mayhem every year doesn't it?

I'll leave you with a rather scary picture of Tess, this is how she looked after being woken up from her Sunday afternoon nap with her dad.