Monday, 12 November 2007

Good Intentions

I did have good intentions of having a FO for this post, but alas, once again, it is just not meant to be. Knitting time has been reduced for some reason, general life and work, just seem to get in the way.

Thank you all for your well wishes in the last post, I am pleased to say the allergic flare up has gone and settled down. The only thing we can put it down to, is believe or not, is the cardboard tube of some new Toilet rolls we bought, these particular one's have a scented core and of course which silly idiot, after having a runny nose and watery eyes wiped her face with a piece, yep me, not realising at the time that was the very thing causing the runny nose and watery eyes in the first place. Hence five hours later the swelled up face and eyes. then to go in the bathroom again, and another flare up of sneezing and wheezing. It really was a point of elimination and since these were the only things different to normal I had used, did I start to wonder and since throwing the wretched things away, I have been fine since. Live and learn eh!

Despite not having any FO's to show, I have been knitting and I casted on Beth from the Ribbon Twist Collection a fortnight ago.

This is a speedy knit, even for my standards. knitting on 12mm needles however, felt really weird, especially after using 2.25mm sock needles, but I soon got the hang of it and have been whizzing along merrily. Here a picture of the back and front done, just the sleeves and collar to go....

The weird shape will disappear I hope after pressing as the edges are having a serious tendency to roll, I am pleased with the progress though so far. and I am sure it will be a lovely warm woolly jumper for the forthcoming winter months.

Last post, I did mention having some purchases to share with you, First I have two balls of Rowan Kid Classic, these will be to make a felted mobile phone cover from the 1st issue of the newest UK magazine Let's Knit

Mohair in the past, sometimes for some reason, reacts with my skin, leaving an itchy rash, but the mohair content of this is only small and hopefully with it being felted it won't give me to much trouble especially as I won't be actually wearing it against my skin. This also will be the first time I've felted, so it'll be interesting and fun to try.

I also purchased some sock yarn from the Fleece artist, one is basic merino wool in the shade Seastorm, a lovely mixture blues, brown and greens

The other Fleece artist yarn is a skein of Sea wool in the shade Wildflowers, this is a very subtle mix of cream, pale blue and pale pink, but is rather pretty.

The fifth kit of the STR kit has also arrived, the pattern is Lenore and the yarn with the kit has the same name, the colour is predominately black with reddish tinges, the yarn is lovely, but the pattern again isn't really my thing unfortunately.

I was rather hoping to have some Malabrigo yarn to show you, but I have had huge problems with the ordering, First I ordered and paid from one online store, to be told seven days after waiting, that there was not enough in stock to send and they wouldn't know if or when they would get some more in, so would have to give me a refund, of which after numerous e-mails and calls, was actually refunded another week later. I then located some from another store, who was most helpful with good communications, I managed to order some and pay, problem free, that is until the Mail system got involved, after a week and half of waiting, I did start to wonder, so after e-mailing was told to wait a little longer as the mail have still got a backlog to get through, another two weeks past, so I decided I really need to chase this, to be told that the parcel had been sent back to them, due to the parcel being refused, impossible as I have been waiting eagerly for its arrival and no way have I or anyone I know refuse a yarn package. So I then checked with the store the address that they had sent the yarn too, who then confirmed that it was the correct address, and that now the yarn hadn't been refused, but no one was in to sign for it, or had responded to the card left by the 5th November. which was it was why it was returned This is completely and utterly rubbish, as on the day they said no-one was in, we received three parcels from eBay, all delivered by Royal Mail. I don't blame the store who sent the goods, I just think it an easy and simple way for the Mail system to get through their backlog of work simply by returning goods to the sender. Sorry to rant on... but the whole thing has been going on since early September and has made me quite cross and upset, am I the only one who gets stressed out by small things? The store have said they will re-send so hopefully fingers crossed the Malabrigo will arrive this week.

My disappointment hasn't lasted too long though, as I have won these gorgeous items from a lovely eBayer, "Thanks Roxy" Here we have Four balls of Jaegar Trinity in the shade Powder, a big ball of Lana Grossa Millenweit Inca and lastly a gorgoeous skein of Sweet Georgia Speed Demon in Mango. I've been looking for some of this for ages and it took DB's excellent bidding skills in the final seconds to clinch it! Woohoo the colours in this skein look good enough to eat and will make a gorgeous pair of socks to brighten these dark foggy days

also Roxy, very kindly sent me a huge ball of the lovely Sugar N Cream in Pink, Thank you so much Roxy you are a star, I had seen this on Ravelry, but could not find a stockist in the UK, it is gorgeous and such a lovely pretty colour

The Car tax and Insurance is due for renewal this month, and of course Christmas is just round the corner so I have really got to try and avoid the temptation to buy anything else for a bit, not sure how long I'll last though. DB does keep reminding me I surely have enough yarn by now and it is a bit worrying when a few people are starting to make comments about my illness of Yarn addiction. But of course, they don't know what they are talking about do they? lol !!!>