Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again, Is it really a sign of age, when you start looking back wondering where has the time gone, it barely seems five minutes since last year wishing everyone a merry christmas and now here we are again.

After my last post I was nominated by the lovely Linz for a I love your blog award. Thank you so much for this Linz, I love reading your blog too.

Part of the award is that you can nominate four people, now I do read lots of blogs and love them all and seeing what people are making and love to read the chit chat of people's everyday life. So I have decided to nominate the four people who's blogs I have read from the beginning, way before I had a blog myself but because of them inspired me to have one of my own :)

The four people are Roxyknits, Knitternatter, Tartycrafty and My Fashionable life

I have alway loved your blogs and look forward to reading your news.

Not much knitting to show as everything I have made has been put on Ravelry, so really don't want to put the same pictures up that most of you have seen anyway.

One of my next year's resoloutions is to have a bit of a de-clutter and de-stash so next year I am going to make it my best effort not to buy any more yarn but use what I already have. I am seriously running out of space to keep it all and literally everywhere you look, every tiny space, in evey cubby hole has a skein of yarn in it. I am sure any knitter would be delighted to come round and have a treasure hunt, ha-ha. Part of my de-clutter is also I have moved my blog to I am hoping to use this to be more organized and be able to talk about my knitting projects more in depth rather than ramble on like I tend to on this blog. Hope you will follow the link and join me over there.

That's all from me on this Christmas Eve, Hope you all enjoy the break and the festive spirits and have a Super Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous 2009


Lin said...

Haooy christmas! Lin xxx

RoxyKnits said...

Happy Christmas!!!

Thanks so much for your card, it was ever so cute :)

I love reading your blog too so thanks a bunch for nominating me!

Aknita said...

Wishing you, very belately, a Happy New Year!

ElenaSmith said...

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