Saturday, 30 December 2006

Here's to 2007

Well 2006 is nearly at the end, and I can't believe how quickly this year as gone, let alone the speed of last week, all my plans of having a leisurely week of knitting have gone up the spout, and to be quite honest I can't really think of what I have done with the time instead , it just vanished between a bit of cooking, visiting relatives , reading etc... and also thinking about New Year resolutions, something which I do not usually bother with.

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to hope it would spure me on a little, to actually completing projects on the needles a little more quickly, rather than just starting them, leaving them either on the needles or just in a bag waiting for the dreaded task of sewing up, never seeing the light of day again, then starting on something new for the same process to happen! so my first New Year task is to make sure I only knit things, that I know I shall want to wear and feel happy wearing, rather than knitting things that look good on the model, that never in a million years would suit me or that would makes me feel uncomfortable and conscious of going out in.

My other New Year Resolution is, the other day I was reading a health magazine (not good when you've eaten one too many mince pies) and there was an article regarding the amount of chemicals which is being put in our foods, particularly salt related, although the government is supposed to be setting guide-lines to the food manufactures and now by law they have to list what their food contains, the message is still not getting across to the public and the dangers that these chemicals can cause, so the manufactures are still getting away with it, even worse a lot of these are put in foods that are aimed for children, Is it any wonder that some children today are feeling one minute hyperactive the next dreadfully lethargic. So one of my tasks this week has been looking in my cupboards to see what these foods actually do contain, I was completely astounded, there were names that I can not even pronounce, let alone know what it actually is, there was even a bag of Ready Made frozen potatoes, which contained everything but potato. So after emptying the contents out and sorting the packaging for the recycle bins, I have thrown it all away, My cupboards are now virtually bare, but I feel a whole lot better for it, and as DB and I quite like cooking, we are no longer going to buy these convenience foods, but start to make our own soups, breads, sauces and things from fresh natural produce, so we know and can monitor exactly what we are eating. espcially cutting down on salt or salt subsitutes. Hopefully our health should improve as well. We have always given Tess freshly cooked meat anyway, as the tinned and dried variety really isn't to her liking, but we do add a few dog biscuits to the meat, as these are suppose to make the meal more balanced, but I was horrified to see that these actually contained chemicals too, especially colour, which is bizarre as most dog experts say dogs only see things in black and white anyway. Well that's my rant over with!

Back to the knitting, I have started the Spindle sock and must say, that these are gorgeous to make, the yarn is so thick and soft compared to the usual sock wool and really do make a nice change, they are quick as well, as there is only 52 stitches to the round, and on slightly larger needles too, the pattern is a slipped cable stitch, which is easy to follow, and also can be done without using a cable needle, I don't think I am going to make my deadline though , so I afraid they shall be a belated birthday present, but I am sure the recipient won't mind and hopefully will be as delighted with wearing them as I have been making them

I have also made very slow progress with Bergere De France Sock too. hopefully will have photos of these completed next time.
Well I hope you all have a Happy New Year and all the best for 2007. See you then!

Sunday, 24 December 2006


Hooray, Christmas is here, I have now finished work, and don't start back til the New Year, and as the company I work for, premises are closed, I shan't be bombarded with telephone queries either. The last week has been fairly hectic, with end of month reports, invoices and also end of year reports to do as well, I did find the time though to finish Miss Moneypenny, this is an old Rowan pattern from magazine no 17, which I bought from eBay, I did finish the knitting about a month ago, but been dragging my feet a bit with the making up, the trouble is I prefer when I am sewing to do it in natural day-light, and there has not been an awful lot of that lately, but here she is all done

I actually knitted her in Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton rather than the cotton glace called for in the pattern, and added an extra two inches to the length in the body and on the sleeves, which has made her more of a classic styled cardigan, which shall be ideal for work in the spring/summer.

I have also made fair progress on my second Bergere De France Sock and I am just past the heel shaping, but to be interrupted by the arrival of this:

Two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cash merino, I purchased this to make Anna's lovely Spindle socks, the pattern is absolutely divine with gorgeous slip stitch cables, these are for a gift for someone in the New Year. but I can see myself enjoying these so much, that I shall be having to make another pair for myself.

As neither DB or myself has a large family, our Christmas is going to be a fairly quiet one, which gives me plenty of time for knitting, cooking and taking Tess for long walks, she needs them at the moment to burn away some of the excitement of Santa-Paws coming!

So Happy knitting Christmas everyone, Have a good one!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Good Morning

Welcome to my Blog, after reading other people blogs about their knitting and things, I have decided to take the plunge and start my own and I must say, can you believe, I am quite excited. I apologise first, if I get things wrong but being new and having self taught computer skills, it may be a receipe for diaster. On this blog I am going to talk mostly about knitting, as this is my favourite hobby, I started originally when I was seven years old, and then had a huge break, then started again around a couple of years ago, mostly due to the huge selection of yarns now available, I prefer to use natural yarns such as wool and cotton and thanks to Rowan and others, this is now more easily available and is such a far cry from those acryilic gawdy yarns I used to use years ago (never again) This week I have completed one sock using Bergere De France yarn, which I purchased whilst on holiday this year in Brittany.

I am now about to start its partner, I was going to treat myself for Christmas to joining The Socks that Rock Club, that a lot of people have been talking about, but unfortunately have left it a little too late, and have been told that the club is now full, but I have been put on the waiting list, in case anyone should drop out, trouble is I don't know how far down the list I am, so I shall have to wait and see and if not maybe next year! Well that enough of my chatter for now, Only a week to go until Christmas, so everything is still quite hectic, what with work, shopping and present wrapping, It all gets a bit too much for certain members (Tess), and can be very tiring!