Sunday, 25 March 2007


Over the last two weeks the knitting progress has been going somewhat better! I finished the G Rock, STR Socks, these have become a firm favourite, both in knitting them and wearing, I did a slip stitch heel on these, like I did on the spindle socks, this seems to somehow reinforce them, where needed, as it is usually the heel that starts to wear first , here is an action shot, or so to speak, just look at all the colours

Closely examined by Tess, who say they are very nice but would look much better with boots, as that usually means a walk, which she says makes her happy and makes her tail wag!

I finished these, just in time for the arrival of, the much longed for, first kit from the Socks That Rock Club, The idea of these kits is to be mystery to those who joined, so just in case, although I do imagine that everyone who has joined and is likely to be reading this has received theirs by now, I have hidden the photograph behind the link, so not to spoil the surprise for anyone still waiting

Socks That Rock Kit - Package 1

I am really delighted with the goodies in the first package, The kit contains Folder, Dyers Notes, Button Badge, Key chain with emergency yarn, Bumber Sticker, The lovely skein and also not photographed the pattern, I haven't started the pattern as yet, but I have wound the skein into a ball and is already to go, the pattern is toe up and also short row heel, something that I have never done before, but with all the help and advice given on the Kal, I am sure will be a lot of fun! The only thing I was a bit put out by was that DB said I couldn't put the bumber sticker on the car, what a spoilt sport, I think its really because he's worried that someone might try and steal it ;-)

Talking of help,
Roxy yet again, has come to my rescue, and kindly e-mailed me with lots of helpful hints and tips on how to sew and finish, Roxy's garments always have a lovely neat professional finish, something that I would love to be able to achieve, So together on towels and a slight press with the iron, under a damp cloth, we have this so far

I suppose raglan sleeves are the easiest to fit, I might have a look for a pattern of a simple cardigan or something to knit from stash so I can practise with fitted sleeves, as they look like the most difficult, the Caister cardigan that I am planning to make has fitted sleeves, but with stripes, so it wouldn't be good to practise on this as a first attempt.

All that's left with the cropped cardigan is too finish the two knitted bands at the back of the neck, as anyone got any ideas on the best way to get them to join together neatly? and then to sew the button and press stud on. Hopefully for next post I will get DB to take a photograph of me wearing the cardigan, he has far more patience than me with photographs, I'm a more point and click person, then end up with headless shots or pictures of the floor! Although DB said he was actually have difficulty in taking photographs and may have to go on strike, cause his feet are cold, Do you think that's a hint that he is still waiting for a pair of knitted socks? Well I have started the Trekking socks, and am now about six inches up on the cuff, but mindless rounds of rib in black wool is rather tedious, but still only two inches to go to the heel, but guess what, the trekking sock is another short row heel, so it could become rather interesting! I was even more worried though when DB said that he actually like the skein in the STR kit, more than black. Err I don't think that was part of the deal do you?

Well that's all, till next time and hopefully I will have the cropped cardigan finished, and be a bit nearer with the Trekking socks and have started the STR socks too, I can't wait.

Have a nice week, hope the weather gets better, now we have officially started British Summer Time, Hee-Hee!

Saturday, 10 March 2007


This is how it's felt with the knitting progress lately, As mentioned in previous post I was rather hoping to have at least one FO, but unfortunately it's not to be, I did hit a snag with the cropped cardigan, yep that darn pattern with all it's errors is "haunting me". I'd knitted the first sleeve, then about half way up on the second sleeve, I decided they didn't look long enough, as the increases given in the pattern on the sleeve do not add up to what the pattern says they should on the size I was making. I had to re-write the particular part of pattern again, to get the right amount of stitches, So I knitted the sleeves to my own amendments, but after realising they were not going to be long enough I re-read the pattern again, and although I had altered it to get the amount of stitches rights, I'd somehow, missed a chunk of the pattern, so I was about 12 rows short, which on 5mm needles is quite considerable length. The tape measure was telling me that I was about two inches short of what the sleeve should measure, and as the sleeves are cropped anyway, mine being even shorter looked really stupid and I was not at all happy with them, so I knew with that dreaded feel in my stomach, that my only option was to frog them, so after a glass of wine (large one) ;-) I ripped it all out, re-wrote the pattern yet again and have re-knitted them.

I also had a few problems locating a button for the front, There aren't any sewing type shops where I live, without taking a trip into town, and going to John Lewis's. which is a long way, just for one button, OK I know I don't really need much of an excuse to have a look at the yarn again, but budget doesn't really allow for it at the moment, and I am certainly not someone with strong-willpower that can just look and then walk away. I did look on e-bay for a button but those are mostly sold in packs of ten, and as I want the button colour shape and size to be just right, It's difficult to see them exactly on a computer monitor and if they are not right and can't be used. it would be a waste of time and money. I also looked in the charity shops, but couldn't find anything suitable there either. So when I mentioned the problem to DB, he said, I'll make you one and the next day after work, he came home with these

So I have a choice of two, both are ideal, and although it's difficult to see in the photograph, he made these from oak and has stained them to show the wood grain. I am not sure which one to use as they are both great and just what I wanted, but then I got that guilty feeling again , as I remembered I still have not started his socks yet.

So now the knitting part is all done and blocked thankfully, I did try to take photographs but couldn't get them to look right and then the batteries in the camera packed up, how come no matter what you are doing, the particular batteries you need are never at hand. So the Laura Long cropped cardigan is now ready and waiting for that wonderful job of sewing up (eyes roll)

On the previous post I mentioned the pattern a day calender,
Kat was asking where I'd purchased it from, I bought mine from The to be honest I have so far been a bit disappointed with the calender, I have resisted the temptation to look at the patterns still to come, but so far none of the patterns have been anything I have wanted to make or wear. But it's still good fun seeing a new pattern each day and fingers crossed it can only get better

I did manage to win these on eBay, I usually don't have much luck with knitting bargains on there, but this was a exception, and with this I shall be able to make another pair of the Spindle Socks at about half the price.

On other knitting news I have very nearly completed the second G-Rock sock, only about 10 rows to go and the toe shaping, I am also half way up the back of Chamomile, so there is slow progress going on.....

I'm still waiting for the STR package to arrive, I had hoped that it would have come last week, but the Blue Moon Fibers have bit hit with another snag, heavy snowy weather, They really have had the odds stacked against them with this, and it's a shame as the girls have all really worked hard at putting the problems right, whilst still keeping a sense of humour, it seems as though they been having the same problems as me ONE STEP FORWARD AND TWO STEPS BACK