Monday, 27 August 2007

Sunny Bank Holiday

Shhhh.... I don't want to say it to loudly, but we've actually got some sun on a bank holiday weekend, quite rare for the U.K. but fabulous, I had a lovely day Saturday, as DB and I went to Sutton on Sea again on the Harley, It was busy enough, but not as busy as you would expect on a bank holiday. We had Fish and chips, traditional seaside fare, and a walk along the beech followed by a Ice cream, I think the poor bike was groaning a bit on the way back though;)

We also had a barbecue at DB parent's yesterday, first one we've had this year, so it made a nice change and really felt the smell of summer... Tess of course was happy, in her element with sausages, burgers and steak on the offering and had lots of fun in the garden playing with the hosepipe and her ball afterwards!

Thank you for all your well wishes, regarding my lip. Your comments really do mean a lot and make things not seem so bad, you are all such lovely nice people. although the lump has not got any smaller it has not got any worse either and it seems a lot less irritated than it was, although I was a bit disappointed as my appointment with dermatologist has been changed and is now on the 13th September instead of the 5th, so another week of waiting and although I am not usually superstitious I can't help feeling relieved that the 13th falls on a Thursday and not a Friday, and at least something positive can be done and hopefully he'll be able to remove it with little trouble.

There's not been much knitting been done over the last fortnight, but I've made a few purchases. Whilst in Yarn, there was a sale, but not much left unfortunately when I got there, as I didn't know they were having one. I did see some Ribbon Twist in the sale though, another Rowan yarn, sadly now discontinued. I was rather disappointed that they did not have enough of any particular shade in the sale to make Beth, a winter jumper I have been wanting for to make for ages now. So I did ask them to order me some in the shade Riches,

As this wasn't in their sale, I thought I would have to pay full price, but they deducted £7.50 off for the ten balls, so I was really pleased. Also while I was there I picked up a copy of the new Vogue, this is really an excellent bumper issue, with lots of good stuff, as they are celebrating 25 years. So Happy Birthday to Vogue Knitting!

After seeing the gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill, Louet Gems on Roxy's blog, I just had to go and order some, these are in the shade Blueberry Hill, the colours are gorgeous and jewel like. Thank you for the link Roxy

There are just so many gorgeous shades to choose from, I can see more of these being added to my stash very soon.

The fourth STR kit will hopefully arrive very soon, I've been avoiding blogland over the last few days, so I really do not know what the kit will this time, I'm kinda hoping it's not going to be lacy like the grasshopper pattern, that came with second kit. I've been struggling to find an alternative to use with that yarn Walking on Wild Tide, the yarn is so beautiful, lovely colours and so soft, nothing seemed right, I tried several, but they turned out either to big, or the lace didn't show the yarn's at its best. So I finally settled on Tidal Wave, which was the original idea I had after seeing the one's on Curly Brunette's blog. Thank you CB for the link, I love the pattern, fabulous with both written instructions and a diagram and the pattern is so simple to memorise anyway. The pattern for this is a free one from The South West Trading Company. Here is the progress so far I'm just up to the start of the heel flap.

The only other knitting I have done, is this simple trainer/ankle sock. The yarn used is Regia Cotton Color Shade 4183, a bargain I won on eBay for 99p It was only for one 50gram ball, that's why I am making it into just a pair of basic trainer socks, as I don't think I would have enough yarn for a normal pair. but as I mostly wear trainers at weekends, they'll be perfect and you probably couldn't buy a pair cheaper ready made anywhere either.

I've have also made a few other purchases, but I'm still waiting for them to arrive, so I shall put those in the next post. I feel like a little squirrel, building a hoard for the winter time, but that's what we knitter's like doing best.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Here comes the Sun at last!

Isn't it ironic, that when the new Rowan Autumn/Winter magazine arrives on you doorstep complete with thick woolly cabled items that the weather does a complete U turn and they're the last things you want to be making in the glorious sunshine. Not that I'm complaining though, the sun always makes things seem brighter and happier than the dismal rain we was having.

My Rowan Magazine N0 42 seemed to arrive later than usual and although I had managed to resist looking at any previews prior, for me this time, there isn't anything that takes my fancy. A lot of the patterns seems to be made with Mohair content, the only fibre that I am allergic too. I do like the magazine for the articles though, and I do keep picking it up for another browse, although I do wish that the pictures were better, they seem rather dark and difficult to see especially with some of the models poses.

The Sublime Cardigan is coming on well and I have very nearly finished the back

It is a fabulous pattern and very well written, although I am in a bit of panic, as the second size I am doing requires ten balls, which I purchased, but I am already half way through the fourth ball and I am a bit concerned I will run out, I usually purchase a ball more than the requirements, but this time for some reason I foolishly didn't, so I think another trip to Yarn is in order tomorrow, to buy another couple of balls just in case and what a perfect excuse also to have a look at the other new Autumn season books, which are out now, including the new Rowan Classic books.

Everything been fairly calm over the last few weeks, although I had a bit of shock at the doctors the other day. I had a small blood blister on my lip about eight months ago, something which has never really cleared up and then recently started to come fairly probmatic, rather itchy and keeps bleeding a lot, so finally DB persuaded me to go to the doctors, of which I did and was prescribed a cream to use and was told if it didn't improve to go back, In fact the cream seemed to not help at all and the lump started to grow bigger and get even more irritated. So I went back to the doctors, a different doctor this time, who was most concerned and said that a visit to the skin specialist was required, as she couldn't really say what it is but thought it may be a Pre-Malignant Tumour, those words just made me shudder. My appointment has been made for the beginning of September and I am really hoping it is the doctor being over cautious. as since the visit and I have stopped using that damn cream, it has calmed down and is no where near as itchy as it was.

At least I have my knitting to keep my mind off things, talking of which I can leave you with another FO the Jaywalkers

and here they are again

These are quite bright, but will be lovely to wear with boots in the Autumn, the Jaywalker is a fabulous pattern and is one of my favourites, These were made with STR in the shade Knitty Rocks and although I made the smaller size of the two in the pattern, I was only left with just over, one metre of yarn, so if anyone is thinking of making a pair, it is worth bearing that in my mind.
And of course, now they are out of the way, it means I can cast on for another pair, now what next. Decisions, Decisions, don't you just love them ;-)